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 The Expedition Team

The expedition leaders are Kevin Richardson (South Africa)and Mara Douglas-Hamilton (Kenya).

Born in a family of prominent  conservationists in Kenya, Mara was raised among wild elephants. Inspired by her close connection to nature, she has explored the remotest corners of the continent and is active in the fight to protect  African elephants.

As a child born in the suburbs of Johannesburg,  Kevin who always had a keen interest in animals was not pre-destined to become a world renowned wildlife  expert.  But at the age of 23, a chance encounter with the owner of a  Lion Park in South Africa ignited his passion for big cats. With a lot of hard work and an amazing gift, he managed to be accepted by a large pride of lion as one of their own.  To achieve this amazing feat, Kevin broke safety rules in the book.

Joining Kevin and Mara on the expedition are location manager, Marc Baar,  field engineer, Hal Bowker and balloonist, Dany Cleyet Marrel.

Dany has customized a balloon, called the Cinebulle, especially for this adventure. Instead of a heavy basket, the passenger sits on a lightweight aluminum bench, increasing the balloon’s flying range dramatically. The propeller at the back gives us the ability to steer instead of merely drifting along with the wind current.